Top 6 Cancer Hospitals in Faisalabad – Get Phone and Locations

Welcome to the ultimate guide to finding the finest cancer hospitals in Faisalabad. Quality care is paramount when it comes to your health or that of your loved ones.

cancer hospitals in Faisalabad

Our comprehensive list of cancer hospitals in Faisalabad is meticulously researched and regularly updated, ensuring you have access to the most accurate information.

We’ve got you covered, whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one. From contact details to precise locations, this guide simplifies the process, connecting you with the care you need. Your journey toward exceptional medical care starts here.

List of 6 Top Cancer Cure Hospitals in Faisalabad

Discover the ultimate compilation: six leading cancer cure hospitals in Faisalabad. Your gateway to quality healthcare and effective treatments is just a click away.

#1: PINUM Cancer Hospital

pinum cancer hospital faisalabad

PINUM Cancer Hospital is an advanced center for cancer treatment. Services encompass chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and clinical trials.

Backed by skilled oncologists, we ensure personalized care for every patient.

Phone: (+92 41) 9210171-77

For Appointment: 041 8581706

Address: Dr. Tusi Road, Opposite Passport Office, Adjacent Alied Hospital, Jail Road, Faisalabad

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#2: Dr. Rana Qamar Javed Cancer Care Clinic (National Hospital)

Dr. Rana Qamar javed Cancer Care

Experience exceptional care at the Dr. Rana Qamar Javed Cancer Care Clinic. Our private clinic provides chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery services.

Backed by skilled oncologists, we deliver compassionate, personalized care to every patient.

Phone: 0313 7345583

Address: National Hospital, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad

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#3: Alpac Cancer Center

Introducing ALPAC Cancer Diagnostic Center’s PET/CT services, a pioneering facility for cancer diagnosis in Faisalabad.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, we offer comfortable Positron Emission Tomography studies, elevating medical imaging in the region.

Discover us on Main Sargodha Road, opposite Rescue 1122, Faisalabad. Your health is our priority.

Phone: 300 6664279

Address: Main Sargodha Road Opposite to Rescue 1122, Faisalabad

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#4: Al Noor Hospital [Cancer Hospitals in Faisalabad]

cancer hospital faisalabad

Al Noor Hospital in Faisalabad delivers comprehensive oncology services, helmed by accredited and compassionate oncologists.

These specialized “cancer doctors” excel in diagnosing and treating diverse cancers, ensuring the utmost patient care and safety.

Trust us for nationally and internationally recognized expertise, dedicated to achieving optimal treatment outcomes while treating every patient with respect and compassion.

Phone: (041) 2631155

Address: Douglas Pura Douglaspura, Kotwali Rd, Faisalabad, Punjab

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#5: Mujahid Hospital (Faisalabad)

Mujahid Hospital (Faisalabad)

Discover exceptional oncology services at Mujahid Hospital in Faisalabad. Led by accredited “cancer doctors” or oncologists, we excel in diagnosing and treating various forms of cancer.

Our nationally and internationally recognized expertise ensures respectful, caring, and safe treatment, prioritizing the best possible outcomes for our valued patients.

Phone: (041) 8541364

Address: Madina Town, P-103 Z Block, Green Belt, Susan Road, Faisalabad

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#6: Faisalabad Specialists Clinic

Faisalabad Specialists Clinic

Experience comprehensive oncology services at Faisalabad Specialists Clinic in Peoples Colony.

Led by accredited oncologists or “cancer doctors,” we specialize in screening, diagnosing, and treating various cancer forms.

Our nationally and internationally recognized experts prioritize respectful, caring, and safe treatments for optimal patient outcomes.

Phone: 041 8712828

Address: Basement IDC Building, Satyana Road, Faisalabad

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When choosing a cancer treatment hospital in Faisalabad, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Expertise: Ensure the hospital has experienced oncologists and specialized medical staff.
  • Treatment Options: Look for a facility offering a range of treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.
  • Technology: Check for advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies.
  • Accreditations: Consider nationally and internationally accredited hospitals.
  • Patient Support: Evaluate the level of emotional and psychological support provided.
  • Reputation: Research the hospital’s reputation and patient reviews for insights.

Making an informed choice matters for effective cancer care.

Understanding Cancer and its Prevalence

Cancer, a complex group of diseases, arises when abnormal cells divide and spread uncontrollably in the body. With a wide array of types and forms, it affects millions worldwide.

Transitioning from healthy to cancerous, cells undergo genetic mutations. These mutations can be triggered by various factors such as genetic predisposition, lifestyle choices, and environmental exposures.

By comprehending the prevalence and diverse causes, we empower ourselves to take proactive steps toward prevention and early detection.

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