10 Best Hospitals in Multan

Welcome to Multan, a city steeped in history and cultural richness. Amidst its vibrant tapestry lies a network of cutting-edge medical facilities that cater to the healthcare needs of its residents and visitors alike.

Best Hospitals in Multan

In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 hospitals in Multan, delving into their specialties, services, and contributions to the city’s healthcare landscape.

Here are the List of 10 Best Hospitals in Multan

  • MASH Medical Centre
  • Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital
  • Medicare Hospital (Multan)
  • Chugtai Medical Centre (Multan)
  • City Hospital Multan
  • Bakhtawar Amin Medical Center
  • Fatima Medical Centre
  • South Punjab Hospital
  • Multan Medical Complex
  • Al-Khaliq Hospital (Multan)

#1: MASH Medical Centre: Pioneering Excellence in Healthcare

MASH Medical Centre stands as an advanced healthcare facility nestled in Multan’s vibrant heart. With 24 esteemed panel doctors, 23 are conveniently bookable via oladoc.com. However, one of our dedicated practitioners isn’t available for online booking.

Leading our lineup is MASH Medical Centre, renowned for its cutting-edge amenities and a proficient team of medical experts. Prioritizing holistic care, MASH specializes in diverse medical fields, spanning cardiology to orthopedics. Its distinguished dedication to patient-centric services distinguishes it as a pinnacle of excellence within Multan’s thriving medical landscape.

Address: Near High Court, Ghaus-ul-Azam Road, Multan Cantt

Phone: 0317 1627628

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#2: Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital in Multan

Pioneering healthcare in Multan is the Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital, a beacon of innovative medical practices and groundbreaking research. This establishment is dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare services, encompassing cutting-edge surgeries and specialized treatments with a holistic patient-centered approach.

Recognized for its unwavering commitment to medical progress, Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is positioned as a state-of-the-art facility nestled in Multan’s core. Boasting a team of 52 esteemed panel doctors, 44 are conveniently website, while the remaining 8 doctors operate outside online booking. This hospital continues to redefine healthcare standards, ensuring excellence in patient care and medical advancements.

Address: Main Khanewal Road, Adjacent to Pak Arab Fertilizers, Multan

Phone: 061 111627 628

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#3: Medicare Hospital (Multan)

Amidst the city’s healthcare landscape shines Medicare Hospital, recognized for its compassionate care and patient-friendly environment. This institution boasts a diverse range of medical services, emphasizing preventive care and promoting community health initiatives. Its nurturing approach and dedication to quality healthcare make it a trusted choice for many in Multan.

Address: Altaf Town, Multan, 62 A Abdali Rd, Punjab

Phone: (061) 4581702

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  • Here are 8 of the most experienced doctors:
  • Prof. Dr. Akhtar Ali Tahir
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali Sheikh
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Saadia Khan
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Atiq Ul Mannan
  • Dr. Saeed Ahmad
  • Dr. Ayesha Khalid
  • Dr. Inam Ur Rehman
  • Dr. Arslan Saleem

#4: Chugtai Medical Centre (Multan) Redefining Healthcare Excellence

Steeped in a legacy of healthcare excellence, Chugtai Medical Centre stands as a testament to unwavering commitment and expertise. Specializing in cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments across various medical disciplines, it remains a go-to destination for individuals seeking top-notch healthcare services in Multan. There are total 12 panel doctors.

Chugtai Medical Centre (Multan)

Address: Nishtar Road, Khan Medical City, Al-Rahim Colony, Multan.

Phone: 0345 5088099

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Most Experienced doctors

Chughtai Medical Center has four of the most experienced doctors:

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Waqas Khan
  • Dr. Muhammad Hassan Nisar
  • Dr. Muhammad Aneel Razzaq
  • Dr. Arooma Rasheed

#5: City Hospital Multan

Enter City Hospital Multan, an institution blending care with innovation seamlessly. This hospital is at the forefront of introducing advanced medical technologies and treatments to the city. Renowned for its multidisciplinary approach and patient-centric care, it caters to diverse medical needs with unmatched expertise.

Address: Multan, La Salle Rd, Peer Khurshid Colony Chah Usman Wala, Punjab

Phone: (061) 6510367

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#6: Bakhtawar Amin Medical Center

Bakhtawar Amin Medical Center, a PMC-verified hospital in Multan, stands at the forefront of cutting-edge healthcare. Catering to both in-patient and out-patient needs, the center boasts a range of top-notch facilities.

With state-of-the-art medical instruments, it ensures advanced and comprehensive care. Committed to accessibility and affordability, Bakhtawar Amin Medical Center employs the latest technology to serve all patients without compromising treatment quality.

This establishment prioritizes leveraging innovation to enhance healthcare accessibility, ensuring patients receive high-quality care at reasonable costs, setting a standard for modern medical services in Multan.

Address: Mujahid Town, Multan, Mattital road Northern Bypass, Punjab

Phone: (061) 6741001

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#7: Fatima Medical Centre

Fatima Medical Centre multan

Fatima Medical Centre, situated on Khanewal Road in Multan, distinguishes itself through patient contentment and superior healthcare offerings. Renowned for its exceptional services, the center boasts a cadre of highly-trained paramedics, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and accredited physicians dedicated to patient care.

With over 17 specialized doctors, including Pulmonologists, Oncologists, Neurologists, and more, the center ensures top-tier treatments. Each doctor at Fatima Medical Centre holds PMC verification, guaranteeing quality care.

The center prides itself on a proficient team comprising seasoned professionals from esteemed public and private healthcare sectors, underscoring its commitment to excellence in medical services within Multan’s healthcare landscape.

Address:Multan, Punjab, Khanewal Rd, Rasheed Abad Naqshband Colony,

Phone: (061) 6224433

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#8: South Punjab Hospital

South Punjab Hospital Multan, a cutting-edge medical center, offers a comprehensive array of healthcare solutions. Initially established as a versatile hospital in Multan, it now serves as a well-established facility catering to both routine and emergency medical procedures.

The hospital boasts a team of specialized medical professionals dedicated to delivering accessible and cost-effective healthcare services. Comprising fully trained and committed staff, South Punjab Hospital ensures top-notch healthcare provisions for its patients.

Continuously striving for enhancement, the hospital focuses on improving its medical services. Notable offerings at Jinnah Hospital Multan encompass 24/7 emergency services, operation theaters, OPDs/IPDs, general surgical procedures, laboratory and pharmacy services, as well as a fully equipped blood bank.

Address: Ahsan Colony, Multan, Ghaus ul Azam Road, Punjab

Phone: (061) 8023444

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#9: Multan Medical Complex

Multan Medical Complex, a contemporary healthcare facility in Multan, offers a diverse spectrum of treatment options catering to various healthcare needs. Equipped with cutting-edge medical resources, the complex is staffed with highly-trained professionals adept at handling routine and emergency cases.

The facility extends services encompassing a wide array of diseases, utilizing state-of-the-art medical technologies. Dedicated to societal well-being, Multan Medical Complex operates 24/7 with specialists available during specific hours.

It houses a cadre of highly qualified consultants and doctors specializing in various fields, providing round-the-clock care and addressing emergencies. Boasting extensive medical specialties, exceptional services, and advanced facilities, Multan Medical Complex continually enhances its healthcare provisions.

The services provided include 24/7 emergency care, operation theaters, OPDs/IPDs, ICU facilities, general surgical procedures, comprehensive laboratory tests, pharmacy services, and a fully functional blood bank.

Address: Chah Mubarak Wala, 1 Suraj Miani Road, Multan, Punjab

Phone: (061) 4513243

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#10: Al-Khaliq Hospital (Multan)

Al-Khaliq Hospital, situated on Nishtar Road in Multan, stands out for its patient-centric care and exceptional healthcare provisions. Renowned for its exemplary services, the hospital boasts well-trained paramedical staff, cutting-edge medical technology, and accredited doctors catering to various medical needs. Over 15 doctors specialize in areas like General Physician, Pediatrician, Urologist, and more, ensuring top-notch treatments, all PMC verified.

This institution prides itself on a dedicated team of seasoned medical professionals from esteemed healthcare sectors, offering fully equipped modern infrastructure. Featuring modern delivery rooms, IPD, OPD, 24/7 emergency services, operation theaters, pharmacy, diagnostic laboratory, nursery, and X-ray facilities, Al-Khaliq Hospital continually strives to deliver exceptional healthcare experiences.

Address: Multan, Punjab, Nishtar Rd, Al Rahim Colony,

Phone: 0300 8436717

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Bottom Line:

In wrapping up, Multan’s healthcare scene thrives on diversity and excellence through its top 10 hospitals. Each hospital stands tall, offering specialized care, innovative treatments, and heartfelt compassion to the city’s people.

From MASH Medical Centre’s groundbreaking efforts to Al-Khaliq Hospital’s unwavering dedication, these institutions shape Multan’s healthcare fabric. Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital’s innovations, Medicare Hospital’s empathy, and Chugtai Medical Centre’s pursuit of excellence highlight the spectrum of top-notch services available.

City Hospital Multan’s mix of care and innovation, Bakhtawar Amin Medical Center’s holistic approach, and Fatima Medical Centre’s comprehensive care showcase the city’s commitment to holistic well-being. South Punjab Hospital’s inclusivity, Multan Medical Complex’s health contributions, and Al-Khaliq Hospital’s reliability further solidify Multan’s healthcare network.

These hospitals continually elevate healthcare standards, introduce advanced treatments, and prioritize patient welfare, contributing immensely to a healthier Multan community. Whether for routine check-ups or complex treatments, Multan’s top 10 hospitals embody the city’s promise of diverse, top-quality healthcare services.

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