10 Best Hospitals in Sahiwal – Private Hospitals

Sahiwal, a vibrant city nestled in Punjab, Pakistan, boasts a thriving healthcare landscape meeting diverse medical requirements. Among the array of healthcare establishments, private hospitals shine for their cutting-edge infrastructure, skilled experts, and dedication to personalized patient care.

Best Hospitals in Sahiwal

Exploring the top 10 private hospitals in Sahiwal, Pakistan, reveals the excellence and commitment to delivering quality healthcare services in this bustling city.

Here is the List of Top 10 Hospitals in Sahiwal

  • Mid City Sahiwal Hospital
  • Sahiwal International Hospital
  • Imtiaz Hospital & Maternity Home
  • Qureshi Hospital
  • Life Line Medical Complex Hospital
  • Langrial Surgimed Hospital
  • City Cinic Sahiwal Hospital
  • Insight Mind Care Center
  • Makki Hospital
  • Rafia Bashir Trust Hospital

#1: Mid City Sahiwal Hospital

Mid City Sahiwal Hospital shines as a symbol of healthcare distinction, celebrated for its outstanding patient care and top-tier medical offerings. With a cadre of extensively qualified doctors, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dedicated patient-centered ethos, this hospital has garnered unparalleled acclaim in the healthcare domain.

Address: Farid Town, College Chowk, Sahiwal, Sahiwal District

Phone: (040) 4555100


#2: Sahiwal International Hospital

Entering our roster is Sahiwal International Hospital, celebrated for its state-of-the-art amenities and a cadre of proficient medical experts. Focused on diverse medical disciplines, this institution provides unmatched services, placing patient welfare at the forefront and leading Sahiwal’s healthcare realm.

Nestled in Sahiwal’s center, the hospital houses three esteemed panel doctors, including highly experienced practitioners like Dr. Farhan Umair, Dr. Usman Ahmed, and Dr. Muhammad Furqan Haider. Their expertise further solidifies Sahiwal International Hospital’s commitment to delivering exceptional medical care.

Address: Opposite general Bus stand, Montgomery Homes Sahiwal, Sahiwal District, Punjab

Phone: (040) 4512099


#3: Imtiaz Hospital & Maternity Home

Imtiaz Hospital & Maternity Home prioritizes exceptional maternity care, earning trust among expecting mothers and families. Their comprehensive prenatal, delivery, and postnatal services, coupled with pediatric care, establish them as a versatile healthcare provider.

Among Sahiwal’s numerous healthcare facilities, Imtiaz Hospital holds a significant position, offering diverse healthcare domains and attracting patients from across the region.

The hospital’s strength lies in its highly qualified doctors and physicians, adept in various specialties, ensuring comprehensive treatment options. Patients benefit from consultations with both male and female healthcare professionals,

facilitating comprehensive care for diverse health issues. Imtiaz Hospital stands out for its commitment to catering to various healthcare needs within Sahiwal.

Address: Noor Shah Rd, Sahiwal, Punjab, Saeed Ullah Mokal Colony Fateh Sher Colony, Sahiwal

Phone: (040) 4500651


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#4: Qureshi Hospital

Qureshi Hospital Sahiwal, situated in Fateh Sher Colony, stands as a premier healthcare center revered for its exceptional emergency services and quality OPDs. Its round-the-clock ward services reflect an unwavering commitment to patient care.

Striving for city-wide accessibility, the hospital ensures easy, approachable medical solutions. Offering comprehensive treatments using cutting-edge facilities, Qureshi Hospital operates 24/7, though specialists maintain specific schedules.

The medical team boasts diverse specialists available at all times, well-trained and experienced in their respective fields. Upholding patient privacy, Qureshi Hospital’s doctors are not only cooperative but also strictly adhere to ethical standards.

Among the specialists in Sahiwal are General Surgeons, Dental Surgeons, Neurophysicians, Pediatric Neurologists, Child Specialists, Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Nutritionists, lung specialists, and Speech Therapists.

Address: Sahiwal, Sahiwal District, Saeed Ullah Mokal Colony Fateh Sher Colony, Punjab

Phone: (040) 4500663


#5: Life Line Medical Complex Hospital

Life Line Medical Complex Hospital distinguishes itself through its community-centered approach and affordability. Providing an extensive range of medical services encompassing general surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatrics, it ensures accessibility for healthcare needs.

Life Line Medical Complex Hospital sahiwal

Situated in Sahiwal’s center, this state-of-the-art hospital is supported by two highly experienced panel doctors, namely Dr. Waqas Arshad and Dr. Abdul Wasae. Their expertise further enhances Life Line Medical Complex’s commitment to delivering top-notch healthcare services within the community.

Address: 537-A Jail Rd, near Passport office, Muhammadi Colony Sahiwal, Sahiwal District

Phone: 0311 4537459


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#6: Langrial Surgimed Hospital

Langrial Surgimed Hospital stands as a dominant force in surgical services. Supported by a team of seasoned surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities, they excel in executing an extensive array of procedures, spanning from minor surgeries to intricate operations.

Address: 10, Fateh Sher Colony, Fateh Sher Colony, Sahiwal

Phone: 0301 6931226


#7: City Cinic Sahiwal Hospital

City Clinic and Dialysis Center stands as a prominent healthcare destination in Sahiwal among numerous hospitals and clinics. Renowned for its diverse healthcare provisions, it attracts patients from various Sahiwal regions.

The facility’s strength lies in its highly qualified doctors and physicians with expertise in diverse specialties, providing comprehensive treatment options. Patients benefit from consultations with both male and female healthcare professionals, ensuring inclusive care.

City Clinic Sahiwal Hospital has gained recognition for its comprehensive services in general medicine, cardiology, and gastroenterology. Coupled with modern facilities and experienced doctors, it stands as a trusted healthcare partner for Sahiwal residents seeking reliable medical care.

Address: Mall mandi road ,near qureshi hospital

Phone: 03364410610


#8: Insight Mind Care Center

Specializing in mental health, Insight Mind Care Center offers vital services such as counseling, psychotherapy, and psychiatric treatments, overseen by seasoned psychiatrists. Their commitment to compassionate and comprehensive mental healthcare addresses this often-neglected aspect of wellness.

Address: Sahiwal, Sahiwal District, Saeed Ullah Mokal Colony Fateh Sher Colony

Phone: 03127975424


#9: Al-Khidmat Hospital Sahiwal

Al-Khidmat Hospital Sahiwal

Alkhidmat Hospital Sahiwal is one of the best hospital in sahiwal, overseen by the esteemed Al Khidmat Foundation Sahiwal, stands as a premier healthcare institution. Established under the wing of one of Pakistan’s top NGOs, the hospital boasts cutting-edge technologies and a dedicated team of medical experts available 24/7.

Renowned for its high-quality healthcare, the facility utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technologies. Patients benefit from top-notch healthcare services at affordable rates, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to providing accessible and superior medical care.

Address: 26/A Jamia Fareedia Road, Sahiwal, Sahiwal District

Phone: 0335 4220080


#10: Imdad Kidney Center And Surgical Hospital

Imdad Kidney Center and Surgical Hospital specializes in renal care and surgical services. With a focus on kidney-related treatments, the center offers state-of-the-art medical facilities. Renowned for its expertise in kidney care and surgical interventions, it stands as a reliable healthcare destination for patients seeking specialized treatments.

Address: Sahiwal, Sahiwal District, Saeed Ullah Mokal Colony Fateh Sher Colony

Phone: (040) 4227899


Chosen for their outstanding reputation, quality care, patient contentment, and extensive service range, these hospitals stand as Sahiwal’s leading private healthcare institutions.

Dedicated to delivering top-tier medical services, they prioritize optimal care for their patients, solidifying their status as premier healthcare providers in Pakistan’s Sahiwal region.

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